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Our Vision

Redeemer’s Vision

We dream of seeing lives, relationships, and our city flourishing anew through the redemptive love of Jesus Christ.

Redeemer’s Mission

We are a worshipping community sharing in Christ’s mission to make all things new.

Redeemer’s Values

Christ’s peace creates an authentic and soulful community.

Redeemer Presbyterian Church of Memphis exists to help bring the resources of the historic Christian faith to bear on Midtown/Downtown Memphis so that Christ is known, loved, served, and worshipped resulting in a visible difference in its quality of life -spiritually, socially, economically, and culturally - and through Memphis, the world.
Through Christ our Redeemer, we labor for the hope that Memphis would look more and more like the city of God (Revelation 21.1-4, 22.1-5), a city of shalom, a flourishing city, where:

Families Flourish

  • Strong marriages are honored and encouraged.  Children are nurtured in an environment of holistic love and joy where their individuality is affirmed and their communal role encouraged.  The single life is held in high esteem.  Everyone shares the same status in the new family Christ is building in his church.
  • Hurting marriages and families are being loved and healed.
  • Divorced people are being restored.
  • Strong schools are provided for all the children of the city.
  • Child abuse radically declines.
  • Sex within marriage is viewed as beautiful; the sex industry is closing down. People hurt by sexual abuse or misuse are being healed.
  • Extended families are being helped in dealing with their dysfunctions and wounds.
  • Our neighborhoods start feeling more family-like and people are being brought out of isolation, radical individualism and loneliness.

The Marketplace/Culture Flourishes

  • Corruption and greed are declining in both private and public sectors.
  • Increase in integrity, honesty, and trust between landlords and tenants, management and labor, professionals and clients, merchants and customers.
  • Think tanks are springing up in various professions to explore how to do medicine, art, finance, law, music, journalism, etc. in line with the gospel.
  • Creative and corporate professionals are forming cooperative ventures to do cultural productions and establish new civic and business enterprises that will reflect the glory of God and improve the quality of life.
  • Christians are being heavily involved in the arts, music, and media industries.

Social Structures Flourish

  • Classes and races are experiencing reconciliation.
  • Individuals and institutions are publicly repenting for the self-justifying attitude that use racism, classism, and sexism, to bolster self-esteem and to oppress others.
  • Minority races and marginalized classes are demonstrating an attitude of forgiveness and patience.
  • Respect/justice and patience/mercy are actively being practiced in relations between races and classes.
  • The “elites” are repenting of their detachment and getting involved with the needs of the community.
  • Hundreds of cooperative efforts between “haves” and communities of need are taking place to rebuild neighborhoods.

Churches Flourish

  • Clear and powerful proclamation of the Gospel of grace is spreading through the city replacing legalism, liberalism, and authoritarian cults.
  • Our people are celebrating, living, and sharing the story of God’s mission to make the world new through Jesus Christ.  Within a network of relationships the story of Jesus Christ is being fleshed out through our people as they seek to be the hands, feet and voice of Jesus to a city and world who desperately need to be impacted by the Gospel of Christ’s Kingdom.
  • Fraternal Church relations are occurring quarterly between churches comprised of various ethnic groups.  Joint worship services, which include a celebration of the Eucharist are followed by a time of festive music & food celebration.
  • There’s a growing church planting movement.  Multi-ethnic church plants are happening.
  • Profound Christian Community – Rich relationships abound!
  • Testimonies of changed lives are the talk of the town.
  • Unity within and between churches replaces splintering and conflicts and causes unbelievers to marvel.
  • Balanced outreach of word and deed is meeting the needs of the city.
  • Greater unity of purpose and a spirit of cooperation and love between churches.
  • Numbers of new churches are being planted.
  • Vibrant Youth Ministry
  • Vibrant College and University Campus Ministry
  • Redeemer is sharing in all types of ministry initiatives at home and abroad.  There’s a growing effort to co-labor across denominational boundaries.
  • Our own denomination is maturing in unity and ministry multiplication