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Ministry Teams

When the Bible speaks of churches having members, it has in mind body parts, not recreational clubs. Thus, like a body, every part is important and serves a purpose.

God bestows on every person gifts for service to His Kingdom and the world. Ministry Teams help us explore and express these gifts.

Some already know where they may best fit to serve. Some don’t, but with time and opportunity, these gifts always appear. Where might you best serve?

Here’s a list and description of our current Ministry Teams:

Facilities and Worship Logistics Team (Jeff Scrugham/Rick Bailey)

Cares for all the facility needs and set-up concerns necessary to provide safe, warm, and inviting meeting environments that are easy to navigate for members and visitors alike.

City/World Serve Team (Reid Yarbrough/ Blair Geer/Dallas Geer)

Mobilizes Redeemer’s people and resources for Kingdom service. They help facilitate opportunities for us to assist in mercy and justice initiatives, cultural renewal, and fraternal church relations in place in Midtown/Downtown Memphis and around the world.

Member Care Team (Jackie Patterson / Mallory Key)

Plans for the people of Redeemer to serve as Jesus’ hands, feet, and voice in ministering to the “practical” or “felt” needs of one another within our church body.

Assimilation Team (Janet Gerber/Megan Dalgo)

Designs and implements a plan for a pathway beginning with a person’s first visit all the way to that person becoming an active church member:  faithful in worship attendance; involved in a community group; serving on a ministry team; supporting Redeemer with their time, talent, and treasure; and assisting Redeemer in inviting outsiders to be a part of our fellowship.

Events Team (Jennifer Giles/Kim Battaile)

Plans and coordinates our people in organizing our large group party events, which provide the opportunities for us to enjoy life together at Redeemer as well as a venue for our neighbors to join us in celebrating the festival joy we experience in God’s Kingdom.

Children’s Ministry Team (Katie Futrell)

Nurturing our children to know and experience Jesus Christ, participate in his church community, and to share in his mission of redeeming and healing the world.

Youth Ministry Team (Adam Naylor)

Creates a highly relational ministry program geared toward “big brothering” and “big sistering” of teenagers in Redeemer and in our neighborhoods.