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Our City

Connect with Our City

“The state of shalom is the state of flourishing in all dimensions of one’s existence: in one’s relation to God, in one’s relation to one’s fellow human beings, in one’s relation to nature, and in one’s relation to oneself…. An ever-beckoning temptation for the [American] evangelical is to assume that all God really cares about for human beings here on earth is that they be born again and thus destined for salvation….[However], what God desires for human beings is that comprehensive mode of flourishing which the Bible calls shalom….God’s love of justice is grounded in God’s longing for the shalom of God’s creatures and in God’s sorrow over its absence.”

-Nicholas Wolterstorff, The Kingdom of God in Practice

The above quote sums up why we seek to be actively involved in our neighborhoods and city. The Bible teaches us that God is grieved over the lack of shalom on earth (and our lives). Mercifully, He has acted and is acting to remedy our situation.

By God, and with Him, we are called to be co-laborers. Because our action is from God (and his grace), we do not engage injustice and evil with arrogance or self-confidence. We know too well, honestly and humbly, we are actually part of the problem. Nonetheless, as the Kingdom of God is centered around the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ on our behalf, we can boldly enter into our world rooted neither in our own moral fortitude nor our finite human strength. Rather, anything we do that helps heal the world flows from the grace of God at work in our lives.

Redeemer’s Calling to Memphis:

We are NOT here:

  • To abuse the city of Memphis using it for our own selfish gain.
  • To despise, look down on, or complain about the city.
  • To cultivate an alternative sub-culture detached from the common life of Memphis.
  • To seek escape from the city and her citizens, etc.

We ARE here:

  • To love, appreciate, enjoy and serve the city of Memphis.
  • To accentuate her beauty and help heal her brokenness.
  • To share in a familial citizenship displaying a devotion to the common good of all.
  • To lovingly exercise the Christian arts of hospitality and neighborliness.
  • To be an engaged counterculture serving as the hands, feet and voice of Jesus thus displaying our Savior’s love for Memphis and her people.
  • To pray for and practically work for the shalom (i.e., welfare) of Memphis and all her people.

Here’s a sample of opportunities we share:

  • Workdays/Service Projects – Multiple times a year our church body joins together with other churches, non-profit organizations, or cultural enrichment organizations to assist in some practical deed of service needed to pull off the work of that organization.  We would love for you to join in with us.
  • We have a sister church relationship with Christ Quest Community Church in the Lemoyne Owen College area.  Join with us in our periodic Sunday evening joint worship services with these dear brothers and sisters.  Help us organize these events!
  • Individual Volunteering Opportunities – Here are the organizations we support at present.  Contact our City/World Serve Team Leaders and they will help you find a place to volunteer and serve.
    Advance Memphis
    Hope House
    Church Health Center
    Christ Quest Community Church
    Room in the Inn – Trinity United Methodist Church
    Knowledge Quest
    Memphis Center for Food and Faith
    Memphis Teacher Residency
    RUF Campus Ministries at Rhodes and University of Memphis
  • Financial Support – We have the honor of coming alongside these organizations and offering financial support of their ongoing work and/or any acute needs they might have.  Again, contact us and we’ll help you find away to contribute financially if you are interested.
  • Grow in neighborliness – This is something we are seeking to mature in.  We would love to meet with you to discuss ways you can grow in being more intentional in loving your neighbors in Memphis
  • Invite people to our parties, church seminars, worship services, etc.
  • Help us find ways we might consider using our building to love and serve the city of Memphis.  Any opportunities that fit our vision and mission are fair game to receive due consideration.
  • Serve up ideas for support groups our church can consider hosting at our building.
  • Help us consider other practical ways we can love and serve our city – There are ideas on the horizon which we are considering (e.g., A community therapy/counseling clinic, a jail ministry, a ministry to the elderly, a ministry to the arts community, an outreach to Young Professionals, racial reconciliation initiatives, encouraging adoption/foster care, college ministry needs at Rhodes, community seminars on felt-need topics, etc.).  We simply need more manpower to pull these off.  We are on the move…come help us make it happen!
  • Cultural Enrichment/Engagement – Here are the organizations we support, volunteer with and whose events & activities we attend.
    Crosstown Arts
    Brooks Museum
    Levitt Shell
    Memphis Heritage
    New Ballet Ensemble
    Overton Park Conservancy
    Stax Music Academy

We see these (and many others) as vital to the development of our holistic communal life in Memphis.

  • Get involved in civil service in Memphis
  • Volunteer at LeBonheur, St. Jude’s, or Methodist Hospitals
  • Volunteer at Hope House and help them minister to the family members of those who are struggling with the dreadful disease of AIDS
  • Volunteer at the Church Health Center
  • Volunteer for Big Brother or Big Sister work through Streets Ministries, Knowledge Quest, Boys/Girls Clubs, or with children who are in the Juvenile Court System in Memphis
  • Let us assist you in finding ways to be a public servant with legal, medical or accounting assistance in underserved communities
  • Volunteer at a public school.
  • Plug in to life in Midtown/Downtown Memphis – Get behind all that’s going on at Crosstown, support the arts through frequenting our music venues and enjoying the shows in our theatre district, enjoy our entertainment districts, hang out at our coffee shops, join the Riley Center at Rhodes, the Downtown YMCA, the Kroc Center
  • Help us discover how we can further be a part of accentuating (and enjoying) the beauty of Memphis while helping heal her brokenness.
  • Help us host music concerts and art openings in our new building.

For current opportunities check the church’s calendar or sign up to receive email communications from our church office (

Our City/World Serve Ministry Team is out to mobilize Redeemer’s members and guests to love and serve our city.

Contact Reid Yarbrough (, Dallas Geer (, or Blair Geer ( for more information.