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The God of the Bible is a missionary God; that is, he actively pursues the broken, lost, and embittered to bring rescue and restoration through Jesus Christ, the Lord. From pursuing our rebellious parents, Adam and Eve, to the calling of feeble Israel to bless the nations, to the final welcoming of eager worshipers “from every tribe and language and people and nation,” God is unabashedly, well, missionary.

Believers in Christ, themselves once God’s mission field, are called to joyfully reflect their Father’s missionary tendencies, and the mercies shown them. Understandably suspicious to our culture because of abuses, sharing the truth and grace of God with others should never be from a posture of self-righteous arrogance, nor self-acquitting guilt. Rather, proper mission is the natural outflow and grateful response to the Father’s amazing, undeserved forgiveness and love.

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Together we are open to moving in all sorts of new directions where Christ might be leading us!

“Justice is love made public.” –Cornel West