Redeemer Presbyterian Church
In Midtown Memphis, TN

Our Beliefs


Redeemer Presbyterian Church is catholic, evangelical, and reformed.



What is meant by Catholic?

Redeemer Presbyterian Church embraces the catholic (or orthodox) Christian faith; that is, we confess with all Christians the ecumenical creeds of the early church (the Apostles’, Nicene and Chalcedonian Creeds), summarized as follows:

The Trinity

There is one God, who eternally exists in a communion of three persons—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The Incarnation

The Second Person of the Holy Trinity—God the Son—became man in the person of Jesus Christ and is both fully God and fully human;  one person with two natures (one divine, one human).

The Atonement

Jesus Christ died on the cross and was raised from the dead for the salvation of his people.

The Church

God is doing His work of salvation in and through a community of people assembled from every ethnicity, language, tradition, and nation.



What is meant by Evangelical?

Redeemer Presbyterian Church is also an evangelical church. While to some evangelical denotes “Protestant,” or “American Christian Right,” we use the term to refer to churches that continue the historic Protestant faith.

The Centrality of Christ And The Gospel

Jesus said that everything written in the Old Testament was fulfilled in him (Luke 24:44) and evangelicals have centered themselves on the person and work of Jesus the Christ.

The gospel is the Good News of Jesus Christ. We believe God’s royal announcement of his son’s victorious rescue work is the great message and work of HOPE freely given to his creation. Jesus Christ is God’s hero sent into the world to rescue, deliver, save, redeem and restore all things. Evangelicals believe that Jesus is the only source of salvation.

The Inspiration and Authority of Scripture

We believe the Holy Scriptures are trustworthy, authoritative, and compelling for belief and life. We believe this because the Scriptures are inspired (2 Timothy 3:16), meaning God oversaw the writing the Bible in such a way that He speaks to us in and through its very words. We believe, consequently, that the Scriptures are inerrant—without error in all that it asserts and when properly interpreted.

Salvation by Faith Alone

We believe salvation is only by God’s grace, and is received solely by faith in Christ. Our good works are evidence, but do not produce salvation (faith = salvation + works NOT faith + works = salvation).

The Mission of the Church

God’s mission is to make all things NEW through Jesus Christ. Christians are people who share the same blessings and plight as everyone else in this beautiful, yet, broken world. But, members in Christ’s church have been redeemed and are being restored and are called to share in Christ’s healing mission on behalf of the world and all members of the human family.



What is meant by Reformed?

Redeemer Presbyterian Church is also committed to the reformed faith, expressing those doctrinal views associated within the family of historic Presbyterian and Reformed churches (faith alone, grace alone, scripture alone, in Christ alone, for God’s glory alone).

Our official doctrinal statement is found in the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms (copies are available upon request), a beautiful exposition of Biblical beliefs and practice.  In addition, we are committed to a Presbyterian (representative shepherds) system of church government, which is seen in our participation in and accountability to the Presbyterian Church in America (